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I was raised in an evangelical background during my childhood. I was born in Montgomery, Alabama on January 1st 1986. My earliest memories where of living in a house trailer in Sellers, Alabama (in other words it was way out in the woods). Then the we moved to Montgomery on the north-side of town.

Because the Jr. High school me and my sister were zoned for was gang infested, our parents put us in Lighthouse Christian Academy (an evangelical school). But little did our parents know that Lighthouse was a CULT!

When i went to Lighthouse from 7th grade all the way up to my senior year, i was literally treated like dirt. The staff tried to brainwash me and the students were hypocrites (claiming to be Christian but yet treating people in an unchristian like manner).

So after i graduated from Lighthouse i was disillusioned with religion because of the way i was treated at Lighthouse. And i even thought that God had forsaken me.

So one day i was playing Civilization 4, and in Civilization 4 you get to be a country. And if your the first country to discover a certain technology like Theology for an example you get to start Christianity within your own borders. so one day I started Christianity within my own borders. and the music they had for starting Christianity was so beautiful was wondering "Which religion in the world was most like the original Christians?"

I researched Islam but i didn't like all the rules it had. you had to pray 5 times a day towards Mecca, and i didn't like the dietary rules like you can't eat pork and you can't drink alcohol. I like BBQ Pork and i like to drink Beer so i decided to research Catholicism.

I researched Catholicism but i didn't like the idea of one man (aka the Pope of Rome) ruling the entire church. So i decided to research Orthodoxy.

I researched Orthodoxy and i was like "Wow this is the religion for me!" So i stepped foot in the Greek Church downtown on the Sunday of the 1st Ecumenical Council in 2006 and got baptized into the church on the same day in 2008 and enjoyed the true faith ever since.

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