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Our father among the saints Urban I of Rome was the bishop of the Church of Rome during the early third century. He served during a period of relative peace during the reign of emperor Alexander Severus, who did not promote persecution of Christians.[[1]] His feast day is May 25.


Little is known of the life of Bishop Urban. He was born in Rome and elected bishop of Rome on October 14, 222. Most of his life is legendary although he is mentioned in Eusebius' history. He was believed to have been martyred but some scholars believe he may have died of natural causes.

The dissension within the Church begun by Hippolytus during the reign of Callistus I continued while Bp. Urban led the church in Rome.

Bp. Urban reposed in 230, perhaps on October 19 although this date may have been that of another Urban of Rome.

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Urban I of Rome
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