The Collection Of Safey The Son Of The Honey Maker

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Note: This article or section represents an Oriental Orthodox (Non-Chalcedonian) perspective, which may differ from an Eastern Orthodox (Chalcedonian) understanding.

The Collection Of Safey The Son Of The Honey Maker (transliterated Arabic: al-Magmou al-Safawy le-Ibn al-Assal) was originally published in Arabic, in Cairo, Egypt, in 1245 A.D. It is a collection of Church and civil laws based on Coptic Orthodox norms and traditions.

A complete English translation of this work by Dr. William A. Hanna of St. Mary & St. Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, can be freely downloaded at (Format: PDF - 235 pages - 1.06 MB).

It should be noted that the Coptic Orthodox Church does not endorse some statements in Al-Assal describing obsolete practices and/or presenting inaccurate, or even wrong references to official Church laws. However, the Arabic text remains an important historic document that is frequently cited in scholarly circles and therefore deserves studying.

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