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Second Century (101-200) the sub-Apostolic Age

More commonly referred to as the "sub-Apostolic age", begins and ends with the second century.

108-124 (3rd) Persection of Christians under Emperor Trajan and continuing under Emperor Hadrian.
  • 112 c.-116 Zacchaeus, fourth Bp. of Jerusalem August 23.
  • 120 c.Martyrdom of Eleutherios, Bp. of Illyria, and his mother Anthia, December 15.
  • 130 c. Death of Apostle Quadratus, of the Seventy; Papias, Bp. of Heriopolis and apostolic father.
  • 138 Telephorus, Bp. of Rome, the only 2nd-century pope who's martyrdom is historically verifiable.
  • 155 Polycarp, Bp. of Smyrna, martyred by being burned to death in the arena in Smyrna.citation needed
  • 160 Marcian, heretic, dies.
  • 165 Valentium, Gnostic heretic, dies; Justin Martyr and disciples denounced as Christian, scourged and beheaded for refusing to sacrifice; Peregrinus Proteus becomes Christian and leader of a synagogue, then takes up the life of a Cynic. He ends his life by burning himself on a pyre at the Olympiad of 165 in Athens.
  • 167 Abercius of Hieropolis, wonderworker and Equal to the Apostles November 4
177-180 (4th) Persecutions of Christians under Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180).
  • 177 Pothinus, Bp. of Lyons, Blandina, Ponticus at others martyr in Lyons dying in the "odor of sanctity".
  • 180 Dyfan of Merthyr first martyr in British Isles, May 14; The twelve Scillitan Martyrs [2] executed in Scillium of North Africa the earliest documented martyrdom of the Church of Africa, July 17; Marcus Aurelius dies of plague.
  • 190 Melito, Bp. of Sardis dies.
  • 200 c.-202 Irenaeus of Lyons dies, possibly martyrdom.

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