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New Testament Era (1-30)

Since the deaths of many of the biblical personalities can not be traced, for the purposes of the New Testament era, we will list the chronological appearance of these same personalities, as they are documented in the Scripture.

30 Death and Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God. [6]

Apostolic Era (30-100)

The Apostolic period can begin with the death of Christ, or from the Day of Pentecost, and ends with the Apostle John and covers about seventy years.

  • 31 Protomartyr of christianity Apostle Stephen delivers a speech before the Sanhedrin (Acts 6:8-8:1) and is stoned to death December 27.

After the Ascension of the Saviour to Heaven, the Apostles preach the Good News to various parts of the world:

Apostle Thaddeus preaches to Syria and Mesopotamia. He preaches the Gospel to Edessa and converts King Abgar.
  • 34 Death of Philip, tetrach of Iturea; Apostle Nikanor the deacon (Acts 6:1-6), d. July 28

Agrippa I is eaten by worms and dies.

  • 52 First Apostolic Council takes place in Jerusalem.
  • 66
    • Evellius, advisor of Nero, converted to Christ on witnessing the patience of the martyrs and then himself martyred in Pisa, Italy, May 11;
    • Hermagoras and Fortunatus, according to tradition, Hermagoras was a disciple of Apostle Mark and was consecrated Bishop of Auileia in Italy. He and his deacon Fortunatus were beheaded under Nero, July 12;
    • Priscus, 1st bishop of Capua, Italy sent by Apostle Peter, martyred under Nero, September 1;
    • Photine of Samaria, Anatole, Photo, Photis, Paraskeve, Kyriake, Photinos and Joses and the Duke Sebastianos, martyred under Emperor Nero.
    • Christians arrive in Antioch from Jerusalem
  • 67 c, Paul, founder of the Church of Rome, beheaded in Rome;
  • 70 the Roman emperor Titus captures and destroys Jerusalem. The Romans demolish the Jewish temple and under difficult conditions the Christians emigrate in Pella in the east bank of Jordan river.

90-96 (2nd) Persection of Christians under Emperor Domitian

  • 99 Maro, Eutyches and Victorinus, [27], martyred under Trajan, April 15.

First Century unknown dates

Close of the Apostolic Age

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