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==Note on List of Saints -- Cross-Referencing==
I cross referenced the list of Saints given at the '''[ OCA link]''' for the ''Saints of Siberia'', against the same list over at the Russian Wikipedia article '''[ Собор Сибирских святых]''', and they were identical except for the following 3 exceptions I could not resolve (in bold):
The OCA list included one saint which was not listed on the Russian Wikipedia list:
:* ''' "Peter, Metropolitan of Tobolsk. March 4 (†1820)" '''
The Russian Wikipedia list included the following 4 Saints, which were not present on the OCA list -- (I have added 2 of them to the article, since I found their names listed here on OW on their respective feast days; but I did not add the other 2, as I am unsure of their dates and feast days):
:These 2 have been already added to the article (i.e. added to the OCA list)
:* Basiliscus of Siberia. [[December 29]] (†1824)
:* Paul, Metropolitan of Tobolsk [[November 4]] (†1770)
:These 2 names were not added to the article yet (pending further verification):
:* ''' "праведный отрок [ Пётр Томский]" ''' '''(Peter of Tomsk)'''
:* ''' "преподобный [ Далмат Исетский]" ''' (†1697) '''(Elder Dalmat, (Dimitry Ivanovich Mokrinsky))'''
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