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The Butterfly Effect?

I'm sorry, but the last paragraph here, which cites a (horrible) Ashton Kutcher thriller and a Coca-Cola commercial intended to move product as legitimate examples of how good deeds can change society, is completely unconvincing. Well, Hailey Joel Osment did it in Pay It Forward, so that proves the argument's validity and Hollywood's push to create less materialism in the world! To the contrary, it just proves that some writer made up a heart-warming story intended to evoke pathos in the audience and thus sell more movie tickets.

Maybe I'm just being overly critical because I don't think this type of opinion piece belongs in any encyclopedia, Orthodox or otherwise. Anyone have some positive input (in contrast to my biting critisms) of how to improve this article? Gabriela 21:33, March 11, 2007 (PDT)

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