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Mistaken Ideas About Baptists

I realize that this is an Eastern Orthodox wiki and that the Orthodox regard all other Christian groups as "heretics." But a number of things alleged in this article were factually inaccurate regarding Baptists. Baptists and other evangelical Christians do, in fact, believe in a concept similar to theosis, which they call sanctification. They also do not believe that morally bankrupt individuals receive grace just because they have an intellectual belief in Christ. They believe that improved life and moral transformation are essential proofs of one's salvation, although salvation itself is purely an act of God's grace. Therefore, I felt free to correct this article. I want to remind the writers of this wiki that even if your beliefs that your church is only true one turn out to be true and the rest of us all go to burn in Hell for not throwing ourselves at the feet of your bishops to grovel in submission, God will not look kindly on those who fudge facts. Surely, the fact that we disagree on church government, the role of the Bible, etc. is enough to earn us the label "heretics" without your making up false accusations of moral laxness. Frankly, the vast majority of Orthodox are mere "cultural Orthodox" who think they're going to Heaven due to mere sacramental observance, without any real Christian virtue in their lives. You're hardly a tradition with the moral clout to throw stones at Baptists, Pentecostals, evangelicals and other Christians who generally take their faith and morality far more seriously than most of you.--ManicBrit 01:29, December 1, 2008 (UTC)

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