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[[Category:Liturgical objects]]
[[Category:Liturgical objects]]

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The Table of oblation, (Table of preparation, or Prothesis) is a table in the altar area of the church building which is used for the preparation of the bread and wine used at the liturgy. It is to the left of the altar table, usually in the northeast corner, and illuminated by a single candle. It is usually similar the altar table in style, and decorated with the same color cloths.

On this table the chalice, diskos, a liturgical knife, and spoon are kept. A sponge and cloths for drying the chalice after the liturgy are also kept here also. There are also special covers for the chalice and diskos and the star which holds the cover over the bread on the diskos.

Lists of names used at the proskomedia, and sometimes icons are on the table, or on the wall behind the table.

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