St. Nilus Island Skete

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[, St. Nilus Island Skete]
[ St. Nilus Island Skete]
==See Also==
==See Also==
[, St. Nilus Island Pilgrimage]
[ St. Nilus Island Pilgrimage]

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St. Nilus of Sora Orthodox Skete is a woman's monastic community on St. Nilus Island off the coast of Spruce Island, Alaska. The small community is attached to St. Archangel Michael's Skete on Spruce Island. Both are under the omophorion of His Grace Bishop Maxim of the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The women strugglers follow the Russian monastic tradition of a small, self-sufficient skete. This model has been handed down by the skete's Patron St. Nilus of Sora and other Russian strugglers for piety. The women generally follow the complete daily cycle of services and support themselves through making prayer ropes, fishing, gardening, and foraging. Guests are welcome for the traditional three-day period, and accommodations can be made for female pilgrims to stay longer.


St. Nilus Island Skete

See Also

St. Nilus Island Pilgrimage

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