Spyridon (Kalafatakis) of Kefalonia

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His Eminence Spyridon (Kalafatakis) of Kefalonia, also Spyridon (Kalafatakis) of Cephalonia, is the Metropolitan of the Metropolis of Kefalonia under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece. He has been the ruling hierarch of the metropolis since 1984.


Spyridon (Kalafatakis) was born in 1926 in the city of Piraeus near Athens, Greece. He attended and, in 1953, graduated from the School of Theology of the University of Athens. In March 1951, while attending theology school, he was ordained deacon. As deacon he served at the Church of St. Vassilios in Athens.

In January 1954, he was ordained a priest by Bishops Alexios of Evripos (Euripus) and Dionyssios of Rogon in the Church of St. Vassilios. In 1954, Father Spyridon was assigned to the Metropolis of Thessalonica where he was the Secretary and Senior Priest. During this period, until 1958, he also served as Chancellor and Preacher of the Cathedral Church of Panagia Dexia. In 1958, he was appointed Chancellor and Preacher of the Cathedral Church of St. Gregory Palamas in Thessalonica.

In 1972, he was transferred to the position of Chancellor and Preacher of the Church of Evangelistria in Pireaus. At the request of Metropolitan Chrysostomos (Tavladorakis) of Pireaus, Fr. Spyridon was assigned as Senior Priest of the Metropolis of Pireaus and, in 1976, Metr. Chrysostomos recommended that Fr. Spyridon become his assistant bishop. Fr. Spyridon was consecrated Bishop of Neohorion on August 15, 1976 in the Church of Evangelistria.

In May 1984, Bp. Spyridon was elected Metropolitan of Kefalonia by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece. He was enthroned on June 3, 1984.

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Spyridon (Kalafatakis) of Kefalonia
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Bishop of Neohorion

1976 - 1984
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Metropolitan of Kefalonia
1984 - Present
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