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/Главна страна to Andrew of Crete
Andrew the Fool-for-Christ to Archimandrite Sophrony
Archons to Brotherhood of St. Photios
Brotherhood of St. Photius to Columba of Iona
Columcille of Iona to Diocese of San Francisco and Western America (ROCOR)
Diocese of Sierra Leone to Euphemia the Great Martyr
Euphemius of Constantinople to Germanos (Troianos) of Monemvasia and Lacedaemonos
Germanos of Patra to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church San Francisco
Holy Trinity Monastery (Jordanville, New York) to Joanicius I of Peć
Joanikije to Keharitomeni
Keharitomeni Monastery to Makarios (Douloufakis) of Gortys and Arkadia
Makarios (Mouskos) III of Nea Justiniana to Metropolis of Neapolis and Stavroupolis
Metropolis of New Ionia and Philadelphia to Nicene Creed
Nicephorus to Orthodox Observer
Orthodox Outlook to Peter of Canterbury
Peter of Constantinople to Russian Old-Orthodox Church
Russian Orthodox American Messenger to Simeon the God-receiver
Simeon the Myrrh-flowing to Tabernacle (liturgical)
Table of oblation to Theodosius (Lazor) of Washington
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