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Laurence of ByzantiumLaurence of Canterbury
Laurus (Škurla) of New YorkLavra
LawrenceLawrence of Rome
Lazar (Puhalo) of OttawaLazar of Serbia
LazarusLazarus (Moore)Lazarus Saturday
Lenten Triodion
Leo (Makkonen) of FinlandLeo (Tserpitsky) of Novgorod
Leo III of RomeLeo III the IsaurianLeo II of Rome
Leo IV of RomeLeo IV the Khazar
Leo Styppeiotes of ConstantinopleLeo VI
Leo the GreatLeonid (Okropiridze) of Georgia
Leonid Alexandrovich OuspenskyLeonid of OptinaLeonidas C. Contos
Leontios (Englistriotis) of ChytroiLeontios of CyprusLeontius II of Jerusalem
Leontius I of JerusalemLeonty (Turkevich) of New York
Letter of LentulusLev GilletLeviticus
LibyaLife-Giving Spring
Ligonier Meeting
LindisfarneLindisfarne GospelsLintula
Lipovan Orthodox Old-Rite Church
List of American bishopsList of American monasteriesList of American saints
List of American writersList of Archbishops of AthensList of Archbishops of Cyprus
List of Archbishops of FinlandList of Australian monasteriesList of Bishops in Byzantine Egypt (A.D. 325 to c.750)
List of Bishops of Hierapolis in Asia
List of Bulgarian saintsList of Byzantine EmperorsList of Canadian monasteries
List of Catholicoses of GeorgiaList of Coptic Orthodox Churches in Australia
List of Coptic PopesList of English-speaking parishes in AustraliaList of Faculty of St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College (Sydney, Australia)
List of Finnish monasteriesList of French monasteries
List of Macedonian Orthodox parishes in AustraliaList of Metropolitans and Bishops of Banja LukaList of Metropolitans of Japan
List of Metropolitans of KievList of Metropolitans of Poland
List of Orthodox Internet communitiesList of Orthodox UNESCO World Heritage SitesList of Parishes in Canada
List of PatriarchsList of Patriarchs of AlexandriaList of Patriarchs of Antioch
List of Patriarchs of ConstantinopleList of Patriarchs of JerusalemList of Patriarchs of Serbia
List of Popes of RomeList of Primates of the Archdiocese of Crete
List of Romanian Saints
List of Serbian saintsList of Western-Rite parishes in Australasia
List of autocephalous and autonomous churches
List of bishops in AustralasiaList of bishops in FinlandList of bishops of the Diocese of Kazan
List of bishops of the Diocese of NovgorodList of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
List of modern iconographersList of parishes in Alberta (Canada)List of parishes in Atlantic provinces (Canada)
List of parishes in BelgiumList of parishes in British Columbia (Canada)List of parishes in Fiji
List of parishes in IcelandList of parishes in Japan
List of parishes in Manitoba (Canada)List of parishes in New South Wales
List of parishes in New ZealandList of parishes in NorwayList of parishes in Ontario (Canada)
List of parishes in Papua New GuineaList of parishes in Quebec (Canada)List of parishes in Queensland
List of parishes in Saskatchewan (Canada)List of parishes in South AustraliaList of parishes in Tasmania
List of parishes in Territories (Canada)List of parishes in TongaList of parishes in Victoria
List of parishes in Western AustraliaList of parishes in the Australian Capital TerritoryList of parishes in the North Island (NZ)
List of parishes in the Northern Territory (Australia)List of parishes in the South Island (NZ)
List of primates of RussiaList of seminaries and theological schools
LitanyLitany for the DepartedLitany of Fervent Supplication
Litany of the CatechumensLittle Entrance
Little Russian PhilokaliaLittle St. Anne's Skete (Athos)Little St. Anne Skete's Fathers (Athos)
Liturgical books
Liturgical coloursLiturgical fansLiturgical objects
Liturgy of Addai and MariLiturgy of St. Basil
Liturgy of St. GregoryLiturgy of St. James
Liturgy of St. MarkLiturgy of St. Tikhon (text)
Liturgy of St. Tikhon of MoscowLiturgy of the Presanctified Gifts
Living ChurchLocal church
Locum tenensLogismoiLogoi
Longin (Krčo) of New Gracanica and Midwestern AmericaLord
Lord's DayLord's PrayerLucy of Syracuse
LudmilaLuis of Cordoba
Luka Zhidiata of Novgorod
Luke (Chrysoberges) of ConstantinopleLuke (Konashevich) of BelgorodLuke (Kovačević) of Western Europe
Luke (Murianka)Luke (Voino-Yasenetsky) of Simferopol and Crimea
Luke (disambiguation)
Luke of Sicily
Luke the YoungerLutheran Church
Lydia of Thyatira
Lydia the MartyrLynette Hoppe
Macarius (Glukharyov)Macarius (Ilyinsky) of New York
Macarius (Sokolović) of PećMacarius III (Zaim) of AntiochMacarius III of Alexandria (Coptic)
Macarius II (Nevsky) of MoscowMacarius II of AlexandriaMacarius II of Jerusalem
Macarius I of JerusalemMacarius Notaras of CorinthMacarius of Antioch
Macarius of KanevMacarius of MoscowMacarius of Optina
Macarius the GreatMacedonian Orthodox ChurchMacedonian Orthodox Diocese of America and Canada
Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New ZealandMacedonianismMacedonius II of Constantinople
Macedonius I of ConstantinopleMachairas Monastery (Cyprus)Macrina the Elder
Macrina the YoungerMadagascar
Magazines and PublicationsMagiMagnificat
Main PageMajor orders
Makarios (Douloufakis) of Gortyna and Arcadia
Makarios (Philotheou) of SidirokastronMakarios (Tillyrides) of Kenya
Makarios III (Mouskos) of CyprusMakarios II of Cyprus
Makarios I (Christodoulides) of Cyprus
Malankara Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church
Malatius Hussney
Malbis Memorial Church (Daphne, Alabama)Mamas of CaesareaMandorla
Manuel I Charitopoulos of ConstantinopleManuel of CreteMar Awgin
March 1March 10
March 11March 12March 13
March 14March 15
March 16March 17March 18
March 19March 2March 20
March 21March 22March 23
March 24March 25March 26
March 27March 28March 29
March 3March 30March 31
March 4March 5March 6
March 7March 8March 9
Marcus II Xylokaraves of ConstantinopleMaria (Skobtsova)
Marina of AntiochMark (Arndt) of BerlinMark (Forsberg) of Boston
Mark (Golovkov) of YegoryevskMark (Lipa) of Levka
Mark (Maymon) of Philadelphia
Mark (Vassilakis) of ChiosMark 16Mark III of Alexandria

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