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Athanasius II Dabbas of Antioch to Catechetical School of Alexandria
Catechism to Cosmas and Damian (Rome)
Cosmas of Aetolia to Dormition
Dormition Cathedral (Moscow Kremlin) to February 15
February 16 to Gregory (Stergiou) of Cameroon
Gregory (Stergiou) of Cameroon and Exarch of Central Africa to Ilia (Katre) of Philomelion
Ilia II (Ghudushauri-Shiolashvili) of Georgia to John of Mardin
John of Novgorod and Wonderworker to List of American bishops
List of American monasteries to Maximian of Ravenna
Maximinus of Trier to Monastery of St. Anastasia the Pharmokolitria, Chalkidiki
Monastery of St. Anastasia the Pharmokolitria (Chalkidiki, Greece) to Nous
Novatian to Panteleimon of Neapolis
Pantocrator to Procession of the Cross
Procession of the Precious Wood of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord to September 11
September 12 to St. Vladimir's Camp (Farmdale, Ohio)
St. Vladimir's Camp (Farmingdale, Ohio) to Theophilus the Iconoclast
Theophylact of Ochrid to WikiNode
Wilfrid to Леонид Семёнович Мотовилов
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