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Anianus of AlexandriaAnicetus and PhotiusAnicetus of Rome
Annunciation Cathedral (Kazan Kremlin, Russia)Annunciation Cathedral (Kyoto, Japan)
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral (San Francisco, California)Anomoeanism
Ante-Nicene Fathers
Anthimos (Drakonakis) of OlympusAnthimos (Roussas) of ThessalonicaAnthimus III of Constantinople
Anthimus IV of ConstantinopleAnthimus I of ConstantinopleAnthimus VII (Tsatsos) of Constantinople
Anthimus VI of ConstantinopleAnthimus V of ConstantinopleAnthimus of Chios
Anthimus of JerusalemAnthimus of NicomediaAnthologion
Anthony, John, and Eustathius of Vilnius
Anthony (Bartoshevich) of GenevaAnthony (Bashir) of New YorkAnthony (Bloom) of Sourozh
Anthony (Cheremisov) of Oryol
Anthony (Gergiannakis) of San FranciscoAnthony (Grabbe) of New YorkAnthony (Khrapovitsky) of Kiev
Anthony (Medvedev) of San FranciscoAnthony (Michaels) of ToledoAnthony (Moskalenko) of Uralsk
Anthony (Scharba) of HierapolisAnthony (Vadkovsky) of St. Petersburg
Anthony III Studite of ConstantinopleAnthony II (Kauleas) of Constantinople
Anthony IV of ConstantinopleAnthony I (Kassymatas) of ConstantinopleAnthony I (Zybelin) of Kazan
Anthony M. ConiarisAnthony of Alexandria
Anthony of Optina
Anthony of Provat
Anthony of the Kiev CavesAnthony the Great
Antimos of IberiaAntiochene Rite
Antiochian House of Studies
Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of EuropeAntiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Santiago and All Chile
Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Toledo and DependenciesAntiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of the British Isles and Ireland
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North AmericaAntiochian Village
Antiochian Western Rite VicariateAntiphon
Anton Gregryevich RubinsteinAnton Vladimirovich Kartashev
Antonin (Kapustin)Antoninus (Pokrovsky) of AlaskaAntonio (de Rosso) of Ravenna
Antonious (Mobayed)Antonius (Kompus) of Sisanion
Antony (Scharba) of Hierapolis
Antoun (Khouri) of MiamiAnysia of ThessalonikiAnysios of Thessaloniki
Anysius of ThessalonicaAphthartodocetismApocalypse of Pseudo-Methodius
ApollinarianismApollinaris of Hierapolis
Apollinaris of RavennaApollinary (Koshevoy) of San Francisco
Apollonius of AlexandriaApollos Ivanovich NaumovApologetics
Apophatic theologyApostasy
ApostichaApostle Achaicus
Apostle AgabusApostle AlphaeusApostle Amplias
Apostle AnaniasApostle AndrewApostle Andronicus
Apostle ApellesApostle ApolloApostle Apphia
Apostle AquilaApostle ArchippusApostle Aristarchus
Apostle AristobulusApostle ArtemasApostle Asyncritus
Apostle BarnabasApostle BartholomewApostle Caesar
Apostle CarpusApostle CephasApostle Clement
Apostle CleopasApostle CrescensApostle Crispus
Apostle EpaphroditusApostle EpenetusApostle Erastus
Apostle EvodusApostle FortunatusApostle Gaius
Apostle HermasApostle HermesApostle Hermes (bishop)
Apostle HerodianApostle JamesApostle James (son of Alphaeus)
Apostle James (son of Zebedee)Apostle James the JustApostle Jason
Apostle JohnApostle JudeApostle Junia
Apostle JustusApostle LinusApostle Lucius
Apostle LukeApostle MarkApostle Matthew
Apostle MatthiasApostle Narcissus
Apostle NicanorApostle OlympasApostle Onesimus
Apostle OnesiphorusApostle ParmenasApostle Patrobas
Apostle PaulApostle PeterApostle Philemon
Apostle PhilipApostle Philip (of the Seventy)Apostle Philip (of the Twelve)
Apostle PhilologosApostle PhlegonApostle Prochorus
Apostle PudensApostle QuadratusApostle Quartus
Apostle RufusApostle SilasApostle Silvan
Apostle SimonApostle SosipaterApostle Sosthenes
Apostle StachysApostle Stephen the ProtomartyrApostle Symeon
Apostle TertiusApostle Thomas
Apostle TimonApostle TimothyApostle Titus
Apostle TrophimusApostle TychicusApostle Urban
Apostle ZacchaeusApostle ZenasApostles
Apostolic Council of JerusalemApostolic FathersApostolic Governing Synod
Apostolic successionApostoliki DiakoniaApostolos
Apostolos II (Dimelis) of RhodesApostolos MakrakisApril 1
April 10April 11April 12
April 13April 14April 15
April 16April 17April 18
April 19April 2April 20
April 21April 22April 23
April 24April 25April 26
April 27April 28April 29
April 3April 30April 4
April 5April 6April 7
April 8April 9Apse
AramaicArcadiusArcadius II of Cyprus
ArchangelArchangel GabrielArchangel Michael
Archangel Michael of Mantamados
Archangel Michael of PanormitisArchangel RaphaelArchangel Uriel
Archbishop Leonty Filippovich
Archbishop of Canterbury
Archdiocese of Accra
Archdiocese of AksumArchdiocese of AleppoArchdiocese of Athens
Archdiocese of BeirutArchdiocese of Bosra-Hauran, Jabal al Arab and GolanArchdiocese of Byblos and Botris (Mount Lebanon)
Archdiocese of CameroonArchdiocese of Canada
Archdiocese of CarthageArchdiocese of Central AfricaArchdiocese of Conakry and Guinea
Archdiocese of ConstantinopleArchdiocese of CreteArchdiocese of Cyrene
Archdiocese of Ermoupolis
Archdiocese of IrinoupolisArchdiocese of Italy and MaltaArchdiocese of Johannesburg and Pretoria
Archdiocese of Kampala and All UgandaArchdiocese of KenyaArchdiocese of Khartoum and All Sudan
Archdiocese of LeontopolisArchdiocese of MadagascarArchdiocese of Memphis
Archdiocese of MwanzaArchdiocese of Nigeria
Archdiocese of PilousionArchdiocese of Tripoli and Al-kouraArchdiocese of Tripolis
Archdiocese of Zambia and Malawi
Archdiocese of Zimbabwe and AngolaArchdiocese of the Cape of Good HopeArchieratikon
Arianus of AlexandriaAristionArius
Armenian Rite
Army of the LordAromanian-Macedonian Church
Arsacius of TarsusArsenios (disambiguation)

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