Pomorian Old-Orthodox Church

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:Chairman : Oleg Ivanovich Rozanov (1989- )
:Chairman : Oleg Ivanovich Rozanov (1989- )
== More information ==
==External links==
*[http://samstar-biblio.ucoz.ru/publ/6-1-0-8 General information]
* [http://samstar-biblio.ucoz.ru/publ/6-1-0-8 General information]
*[http://www.ldm.lt/Naujausiosparodos/Old_Believers_b.en.htm General information about Old Believers in Lithuania]
* [http://www.ldm.lt/Naujausiosparodos/Old_Believers_b.en.htm General informations about Old Believers in Lithuania]
*[http://www.pomorian.narod.ru/ Pomorians in St. Petersburg]
* [http://www.pomorian.narod.ru/ Pomorians in St. Petersburg]
*[http://www.hierarchy.religare.ru/h-orthod-staroob-pomor.html Hierarchy.religare.ru Site]
* [http://www.hierarchy.religare.ru/h-orthod-staroob-pomor.html Hierarchy.religare.ru Site]
[[Category:Old Believer Jurisdictions]]
[[Category:Old Believer Jurisdictions]]
[[fr:Église vieille-orthodoxe pomore]]

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The Pomorian Old-Orthodox Church (Древлеправославная Поморская Церковь) is a non-canonical, traditionalist Eastern Orthodox Juridiction, born of a schism within the Russian Orthodox Church in the 17th century (The Bespopovtsy, the "priestless" Old Believers).



The Pomorian Old-Orthodox Church has parishes in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine (in these countries they are headed by National Councils and Spiritual Commissions), the United States, Brazil and elsewhere.

  • Council of the Pomorian Old-Orthodox Church in Russia : Российский совет ДПЦ (РС ДПЦ)
Chairman : Oleg Ivanovich Rozanov (1989- )

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