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St Photine of Samaria and those with her

(John 4:1-42) "Photine" was the Samaritan woman who encountered Christ at Jacob's well. She repented after a very gentle and wise conversation with Christ and went and told her townspeople that she had met the Christ. For this, she is sometimes claimed as the first to proclaim the Gospel of Christ.

She converted her five sisters (St Anatole, St Photo, St Photis, St Paraskeve and St Kyriake) and her two sons (St Photinos, formerly known as Victor, and St Joses). They all became tireless evangelists for Christ.

They travelled to Carthage in Rome after the Apostle Paul and Peter had martyred to proclaim the Gospel there.

In 66CE, under the persecutions of Emperor Nero, they all met the crown of martyrdom, along with the Duke St Sebastianos, the close friend of St Photinos.

They are all celebrated in the Orthodox Church February 26. St Photine is also commemorated on the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman during the Paschal season.

There is some literature to suggest that St Photine had six sons.

Meaning of "Photine"

In Greek mythology, 'Phosphoros" was a god of light, a combination of the word phôs (meaning light) and phoros (meaning bearer). So the name Photini is a derivative of the word 'light' - phôs.

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