Parthenius III of Constantinople

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[[Category: Bishops of Chio]]
[[Category: Bishops of Chio]]
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[[Category: Patriarchs of Constantinople]]
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The Holy Hieromartyr Parthenius III of Constantinople was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 1656 to 1657. He is commemorated on March 24.


He was born in the city of Mitylene on the island of Lesbos in the Aegean Sea. In 1639, he was elected metropolitan of Chios. On July 31, 1656 he became Ecumenical Patriarch, succeeding Joannicius II. Out of respect for him, Parthenius held a grand funeral for his predecessor, Cyril Lucaris.

Caught in the political intrigues of the day, Patr. Parthenius was accused by Jesuits and the rulers of Wallachia of conspiring against the Ottoman Empire. Although the accusations were proven false, and after Parthenius refused to become a Muslim, Sultan Mehmed IV ordered his execution by hanging. He was executed on April 1, 1657 and his body was left hanging for three days before being thrown into the sea. His body was retrieved by some Christians and buried in Kamariotissa Monastery in Halki.

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Parthenius III of Constantinople
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Metropolitan of Chios
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Joannicus II
Patriarch of Constantinople
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Gabriel II
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