Orthodoxy in Hungary

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Official there is no one, united Hungarian Orthodox Church. Many Orthodox Churches are present in the country or lay claim to some territory of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, but most Byzantine or Eastern Christians of the modern, sovereign nation of Hungary belong to the Byzantine Catholics, united with the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

Over 50% of the population of Hungary is Roman Catholic. Another 20% is Calvinist. The largest minority faith group is the Lutherans. Greek or Byzantine Catholics and Eastern Orthodox do not make up a significant percentage of the demographic.

The Kingdom of Hungary, or "Realm of the Crown of St. Stephen", encompassed a very different area than the modern nation of Hungary. In one sense, one could speak of the Serbian Orthodox Church as a "Hungarian Orthodox Church” since it was formed out of what was called the Carlovitz Diocese in 1765, an ecclesial jurisdiction comprised of Orthodox Serbs in Hungary, and consisting of six suffragan sees. Other "Hungarian Orthodox”, or Eastern Orthodox Christians of the territories of the former Kingdom of Hungary, now find themselves on Rumanian, Transylvanian, Slovak, Czech, Croatian and Bosnian territory and belong either to the Orthodox Churches of Serbia, Romania, or the Czech/Slovak Republics.

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