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* [http://www.cts.edu/ImageLibrary/kell.cfm Book of Kells]
* [http://www.cts.edu/ImageLibrary/kell.cfm Book of Kells]
* [http://www.cts.edu/ImageLibrary/Isreal_slides.cfm Photos of Israel]
* [http://www.cts.edu/ImageLibrary/Isreal_slides.cfm Photos of Israel]
====From the [Library of Congress http://www.loc.gov/rr/print]====
* [http://lcweb2.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/p?pp/PPALL:@FILREJ(@field(SUBJ+@od1(Orthodox%20churches))+@field(COLLID+tgmi)) Orthodox Churches]

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All your images are belong to us! [1]
This is a transfer log for images from various sources on the web that might be suitable for import into OrthodoxWiki.

Please see OrthodoxWiki:Photo galleries for the context of this page, and important notes about method.

Please keep this list up-to-date, crossing off an image or category when you upload it.


Images from Wikimedia Commons

It's our aim to knock these out first.

Already processed:

Recommended for Transfer:

Images from Flickr

All of these should include as much author information as possible, as well as a link to the original on Flickr. They should also include the {{flickr}} template and an appropriate license template. Please also place them in a suitable category, or else [[Category:Uncategorized Images]].

Many of these notes are for future referene - these images don't necessarily need to be imported right away! (But, especially if you can use one for an article, go right ahead!)

Other Sources

Please see OrthodoxWiki:Photo galleries for context!

From the Beinecke Library, Yale

This source has been pretty thoroughly examined, and these are the relevant images found. Template:Beinecke needs to be updated. These images can be put in Category:Historical Archives and Category:Churches in Alaska (or something like that).

From Christian Theological Seminary's Image Library

This source has been pretty thoroughly examined, and these are the relevant images found. Template:cts.edu needs to be updated.

From the [Library of Congress http://www.loc.gov/rr/print]

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