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*[[Church of Alexandria (Coptic)|Coptic Christianity]]
*[[Church of Alexandria (Coptic)|Coptic Christianity]]
*[[Coptic liturgy]]
*[[Coptic liturgy]]
*[[Church of Cyprus|Cpyrus, Church of]]
*[[Church of Cyprus|Cpyrus, Church of]]

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This article is marked as in progress by {{{1}}}, who is actively developing it. It has yet to achieve a stable or complete form and is currently being worked on. Please carefully consider before making major edits to this article.

The following is a list of topics of selected articles from the Blackwell Dictionary of Eastern Christianity (DEC) (Oxford: Blackwell Publishers Ltd, 1999) which it is believed would make good articles on OrthodoxWiki. Articles with red links either need to be created or redirects put in place to existing articles.

The selection was mainly (but not exclusively) made in terms of articles concerning the Chalcedonian Orthodox churches. In some cases, spelling was adjusted to reflect the most common spellings used in English-speaking Orthodox churches (as per the Style Manual).

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