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(Bishop Kallistos Ware (Greek Orthodox) on the ordination of women)
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==Arguments against==
==Arguments against==
==External link==
[http://www.stnina.org/journal/art/1.3.7 Bishop Kallistos Ware (Greek Orthodox) on the ordination of women]

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Women have always had a distinct position in the Church that does not require Holy Orders.

Arguments for

Advocates for changing this position argue that the essential icon image of Christ is his humanness, not his maleness. God became man to show that both men and women could be saved and return to the divine image within them. Challengers also point out that Christ did not ordain his apostles. This was done at Pentecost by the Holy Spirit. Women were present at the time, and the Holy Spirit continues to descend on male and females alike. The Orthodox Church recognizes a number of women saints as Equal-to-the-Apostles, including the "apostle to the apostles," Mary Magdalene.

Arguments against

External link

Bishop Kallistos Ware (Greek Orthodox) on the ordination of women

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