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==See also==
==See also==
* [[The Rudder]]
* [[The Rudder]]
* [[w:Nomocanon|Nomocanon]] at Wikipedia.
* [[w:Nomocanon|Nomocanon]]
* [[w:Zakonopravilo|St. Sava's Nomocanon]] (''the highest code in the [[Church of Serbia|Serbian Orthodox Church]], finished in 1219'')
[[Category:Canon Law]]
[[Category:Canon Law]]

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A Nomocanon (Greek, νοµοκανων—from νοµος, meaning law, and κανων, meaning rule) is a collection of ecclesiastical law, containing both canon law proper and civil legislation impacting the Church. Often, commentary is included.

In 577 AD, Patriarch John III Scholasticus was responible for the first collection of Canon Law, the Nomocanon , of the Orthodox Church.

During the reign of emperor Heraclius, the Nomocanon was consolidated, being the earliest extant form of this collection. Its two sections include the ecclesiastical canons and the imperial laws, the latter in fourteen titles. This collection was long held in esteem and passed into the Russian Church.

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