Nikephoros of Chios

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Our venerable and God-bearing Father St. Nikephoros of Chios, was a hieromonk born around 1750 in the town of Kardamyla, in the northeastern part of the famous Aegean island of Chios. He was educated in Chios, taught and wrote in Chios, led a life of spiritual endeavor there, and died there in 1821. He loved Chios as his fatherland, and as a place where piety and learning were flourishing. For this reason, and because no occasion arose for him to leave the island, he remained within its confines throughout his lifetime.


  • Nikephoros met St. Athanasius Parios who was the director of the school in the city of Chios, during his education.

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  • St. Nikephoros of Chios, outstanding writer of litrugical poetry and lives of saints, educator, spiritual striver, and traner of martyrs by Constantine Cavarnos. Publisher: Belmont, Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, c. 1976. ISBN 0914744321. pp. 111-114.
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