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The Metropolis of Glyfada (Greek: Γλυφάδα) is under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece. The metropolis was established in 2002 from the partition of the Metropolis of Nea Smyrni. The Metropolis of Glyfada, which is located in the suburbs of Athens, is divided into five districts with a total of 19 parishes.



His Eminence Metropolitan Paul (Tsaousoglou) of Glyfada (b. 1943, Syros) was elected the first metropolitan of Glyfada on October 14, 2002 and enthroned December 1, 2002.


Glyfada (Gr. Γλυφάδα)

  1. Church of St. Konstantine and Helens, Glyfada
  2. Church of St. Nicholas, Glyfada
  3. Church of St. Paul and St. Demetrios, Glyfada
  4. Church of the Holy Trinity, Glyfada
  5. Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos, Karapanou
  6. Church of St. Panteleimon, Glyfada
  7. Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos, Dikigorika
  8. Church of St. Tryphon, Terpsithea
  9. Church of the Entrance of the Theotokos, Glyfada

Elliniko (Gr. Ελληνικό)

  1. Church of the Transfiguration of Christ, Sourmena
  2. Church of the Holy Trinity, Ellinikou

Voula (Gr. Βούλα)

  1. Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos, with a Chapel to St. Panteleimonos, Voula
  2. Church of St. John, Voula
  3. Church of St. Nektarios, Panorama

Vouliagmeni (Gr. Βουλιαγμένη)

  1. Church of St. George, Kabouri

Vari (Gr. Βάρη)

  1. Church of the Entrance of the Theotokos, Vari
  2. Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos, Varkiza
  3. Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul, Vari
  4. Church of the Prophet Elias, Kormbi


The Metropolis of Glyfada has one monastery only, the Holy Male Cenobitic Monastery of the Holy Trinity and St. Nektarios, Glyfadas

Other information

The Metropolis of Glyfada is extremally active in promoting Theological discussion around medical issues such as "Brain death", the "Soul", "organ donation" etc.

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