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His Beatitude Matthew (Psaltis) of Alexandria, also Matthaios Psaltis, was the Patriarch of the Church of Alexandria from 1746 to 1766.


Patriarch Matthew was born on the island of Andros in the Greek Cyclades archipelago. Little else is known of his youth. He served as Metropolitan of Libya and Igumen of the Zlatari Monastery of Vlachia.

He was elected Patriarch of Alexandria on August 18, 1746. He pursued a program of renovations of the infrastructure of the Church of Alexandria that included the buildings and institutions in Cairo, Pelousion, and Libya. In addition to improving the spiritual life of the clergy, he contended with the Latin propaganda that confronted the Orthodox Christians of Egypt. He was unsuccessful in his response to a request by King Negu Jesu II of Ethiopia to unite the Ethiopian Church with the Orthodox.

Patr. Matthew witnessed many persecutions at the hands of the governors of Egypt. Finally, on June 9, 1766 he resigned as patriarch and retired to Mount Athos where he reposed.

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Matthew (Psaltis) of Alexandria
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Metropolitan of Libya
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Cosmas III
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