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HIs Eminence Markell of Kazan was a hierarch of the Church of Russia of the late seventeenth century. He served as the ruling hierarch of Suzdal and Yurievsk and of Pskov before being appointed metropolitan of the Eparchy of Kazan.


Metr. Markell was of southern Slav origin. Little is known of his early life. The date of his birth is unknown. Before entering a monastic life he worked in Poland as a translator of languages, specifically Greek, Latin, German, Polish, and Tatar. After his tonsure into monasticism, with the name Markell , he was appointed to the position of judge in the Tiunskaya chamber at the patriarchal compound. In 1679, he was raised to the dignity of archimandrite at the Svensky Monastery in Bryansk, Russia.

In 1680, Archimandrite Markell was elected to the episcopate and consecrated Bishop of Suzdal and Yurievsk on March 21, with an elevation to the rank of archbishop. Shortly thereafter, on September 6, 1681, he was transferred to the cathedra of Pskov with the rank of metropolitan. He was transferred as metropolitan to the see of Kazan on September 8, 1690 where he served until 1698. During his episcopate in Kazan, a great fire consumed a large part of the city and damaged the relics of St. Varsonofy of Tver. Metr. Markell reposed on August 21, 1698 and was buried in the right side altar of the Annunciation Cathedral in Kazan.

During the 1840s, the relics of Metr. Markell were transferred to a place under the main altar of the cathedral together with relics of the hierarchs of Kazan Tikhon I and Lavrenty II.

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Markell of Kazan
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