March 6

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{{March 6}}
{{March 6}}
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Empress Saint Helen

The Theotokos of Czestochowa

The 42 Martyrs of Ammoria in Phrygia, including Constantine, Aetius, Theophilus, Theodore, Melissenus, Callistus, Basoes and 35 others; Saint Arcadius, monk of Cyprus; Monk-martyrs Conon and his son Conon of Iconium; the uncovering of the Precious Cross and the Precious Nails by Empress Saint Helen; Martyr Abraham of Bulgaria; Saint Fridolin, abbot, Enlightener of the Upper Rhine; Monk-martyr Maximus; Martyr Euphrosynus; Martyrs Julian and Eubulus; Saint Hesychius the Wonder-worker, monk; repose of Elder Job of Solovki; celebration of the Icon of the Theotokos "the Blessed Heaven"; celebration of the Icon of the Theotokos of Czestochowa; Baldred, Bishop, and Bilfred the goldsmith, hermits of Lindisfarne; Cadroel of Armagh; Kinneburga, her sister Kinneswitha, Abbesses of Caistor, and their kinswoman Tibbe, virgin of Peterborough
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