March 4

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{{March 4}}
{{March 4}}
[[Category:Calendar days]]
[[Category:Calendar days|March 04]]

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Venerable Gerasimos of the Jordan

Venerable Gerasimos of the Jordan; Venerable Gerasimos, monk of Vologda; Venerable Ioasaph of Snetogorsk Monastery in Pskov; Saint Basil of Mirozh Monastery in Pskov; Saints of Pskov martyred by the Latins; Right-believing Prince Basil (Vasilko) of Rostov; Right-believing Prince Daniel of Moscow, Wonder-worker; Martyr Paul and his sister Juliana and Quadratus, Acacius, and Stratonicus, at Ptolemais in Syria; Saint James the Faster of Phoenicia, Syria; Blessed Prince Wenceslaus of the Czech Lands, martyr; Saint Gregory, Bishop of Constantius in Cyprus; Saint Gregory, Bishop of Assa near Ephesus; Repose of Schemamonk Mark of Glinsk Hermitage; Hieromartyrs Adrian, Bishop of Saint Andrew's, Stalbrand, Geodianus, Caius, Clodian, and Companions, on the Isle of May, Scotland; Gistilian, Confessor of Menevia; Owen of Lastingham, monk of Lichfield, Disciple of Saint Etheldreda
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