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*[ Orthodox Press] (Greek: Ορθόδοξος Τύπος) - A weekly Orthodox Christian newspaper published in Greece.
*[ Orthodox Press] (Greek: Ορθόδοξος Τύπος) - A weekly Orthodox Christian newspaper published in Greece.
==Non-Chalcedonian Publications==
==Non-Chalcedonian publications==
*[ Indian Orthodox Herald]
*[ Indian Orthodox Herald]

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[edit] By Title

  • AGAIN - An Orthodox Christian magazine proclaiming the power of the ancient Christian faith as it is lived today.
  • Christian Life - Quarterly publication of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, with articles about the history, teachings and practices of the Orthodox Church.
  • Foma - Orthodox Christian journal for doubting Thomases.
  • Indian Orthodox Herald - Biweekly Malankara Indian publication with news and doctrinal information.
  • Jacob’s Well - Official magazine of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey featuring news and topical articles of Orthodox faith.
  • Orthodox America
  • Orthodox Christian News Service - Includes U.S. and world news, features, editorials, letters, and announcements.
  • Orthodox England - A quarterly Orthodox Christian journal published in England.
  • Orthodox Canada - A Journal of Canadian Orthodox Christianity on the 'Net.
  • The Orthodox Herald
  • Orthodox News of America
  • Orthodox Observer - Monthly magazine of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America featuring news on the Orthodox Church, Archdiocese, Dioceses, profiles, and editorials.
  • Orthodox Outlook - a bi-monthly pan-Orthodox magazine from Britain with a traditional, patristic content.
  • Orthodox Tradition - A publication dedicated to the "spiritual education and re-education of the Orthodox world." Sections include "The Orthodox Psychologist", "Questions and Answers", "Church News", and "Book Reviews"
  • Orthodox Vision - Official publication for the Diocese of the West of the Orthodox Church in America.
  • Orthodoxy Today - Features articles examining contemporary social and cultural issues primarily from an Orthodox Christian viewpoint, but also includes articles from authors of other traditions.
  • Pravoslavie.Ru - Online magazine about Orthodox Christianity in Russia.
  • Redeeming the Time - Weekly "spiritual journal" from St Nicholas Orthodox Church, Dallas, Texas.
  • Sedmitza - Comprehensive Russian Orthodox Church news coverage.
  • The Steward - the official newsletter of the Fellowship of Orthodox Stewards [FOS]. It is published four times per year.
  • The Onion Dome - An Orthodox satire site.
  • The Vigil - Magazine of the Diocese of the Midwest (OCA)
  • Uspenie - Periodical of the Dormition of Theotokos Monastery Autonomous Archdiocese of Ohrid

[edit] By Category

[edit] For Kids

[edit] Pan-Orthodox organizations

[edit] Women's magazines

  • The Handmaiden- is a quarterly journal that provides a vital, vibrant community for Orthodox Christian women. It's a place where Orthodox life and spirituality are discussed, and people of all ages, jurisdictions, and backgrounds come together to learn, share, and grow.
  • St. Nina's Quarterly - A journal for and by Eastern Orthodox Women and other interested people, published by the Women's Orthodox Ministries & Education Network (WOMEN), an international organization dedicated to exploring, celebrating, and cultivating the rich and diverse gifts of women and men in the Orthodox Church.

[edit] Monastic publications

[edit] Jurisdictional and Diocesan Publications

[edit] Antiochian Archdiocese

[edit] Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

[edit] OCA

[edit] Church of Greece

[edit] Seminary journals

[edit] Newspapers

  • Orthodox Observer - A bi-monthy Orthodox Christian newspaper published in the United States by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.
  • Orthodox Press (Greek: Ορθόδοξος Τύπος) - A weekly Orthodox Christian newspaper published in Greece.

[edit] Non-Chalcedonian publications

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