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John III of Jerusalem was the Patriarch of Jerusalem from 516 to 524. A Monophysite, he became Orthodox after becoming Patriarch of Jerusalem and anathematized all the opponents of the Council of Chalcedon.

John was the son of Marcian, the Bishop of Sebaste in Samaria. Prior to his appointment to the see of Jerusalem, John was the Bishop of Sebaste and was a partisan of the non-Chalcedonians. John was appointed patriarch of Jerusalem by emperor Anastasius I after banishing Patr. Elias for supporting Patr. Flavian II of Antioch. After his enthronement in Jerusalem John became Orthodox. [1]

John III accepted the decrees of the Synod of Constantinople held on July 20, 518 that pronounced anathema on Severus of Antioch. Patr. John then convened a synod at Jerusalem that paralleled the examples of Constantinople. Attending the synod was archimandrite St. Sabbas of the lavras of Palestine, a strong Chalcedonian.

According to Cyril of Scythopolis, John died on April 20, 524.


  1. (Theopanes Confessor, "Chronographia", ed. de Boors, Leipzig, 1883-1885, I, 156)
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