Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral (Winnipeg, Manitioba)

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Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral is in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and is the primatial throne of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.


The history of the Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral can be traced back to December 1945, when a group of prominent individuals met at St. Andrew's College to discuss the need of a new parish in Winnipeg's north end. The founding meeting took place on April 9th, 1946, and the site was purchased on May 16th, 1946.

Since the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada did not have a cathedral parish in the Metropolitan See of Winnipeg, a special meeting of the Holy Trinity membership requested to IX Sobor of the UOCC to grant the parish the status of the Cathedral of All-Canada.

At the IX Sobor, held in Saskatoon in 1946 and the Special Sobor held in 1951 in Winnipeg, the parish was assigned as the Cathedral of the UOCC and All-Canada with all its fixed assets becoming property of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. Now the Cathedral was instructed to build a suitable Cathedral.

On September 11, 1949 the site was blessed and construction commenced. The cornerstone was blessed and laid on September 30, 1951 and on June 1952, the basement of the Cathedral was officially opened. Church life was prospering and funds were being collected throughout the country, and building plans were finalized for the Cathedral proper.

The Cathedral was officially opened and consecrated on July 8, 1962 by the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, His Beatitude Metropolitan Ilarion (Ohienko). The icon-screen of Iconostasis was installed in 1974, and the mosaic depicting the Holy Trinity, at the front of the Cathedral, facing Main Street was installed for the Millenium of Ukrainian Orthodoxy (1988), and was blessed by Metropolitan Wasyly (Fedak) of Winnipeg.

As a 50th Anniversary project, stained glass windows were installed and icons were painted inside the sancutary.


Golden Anniversary Book of the Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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