Hierotheos (Garifalos) of Lemnos

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His Eminence Hierotheos (Garifalos) of Lemnos and Saint Eustratios, (also Ierotheos), is the Metropolitan of the Metropolis of Lemnos and Saint Eustratios under the administration of the Church of Greece. The Metropolis of Lemnos and Saint Eustratios is a metropolis in the New Lands of Greece, under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. [1]. He has been the ruling hierarch of the metropolis since 1988.


Hierotheos was born in Athens during 1934. He studied theology in Athens, followed by postgraduate studies at Oxford University in Great Britain. Entering the Holy Orders, he was ordained a deacon in 1954 and received the name Hierotheos. He served as a member on various conciliar committees and was appointed the editor of "Calendar of the Church of Greece."

Having been ordained to the priesthood, Father Hierotheos was elected to theepiscopate in 1988. He was consecrated Metropolitan of Lemnos and Saint Eustratios on November 22, 1988.

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