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* [ The Catholic Encyclopedia]
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Icon of St. Gregory the Dialogist

Gregory I served as Pope of Rome from September 3, 590, until his death on March 12, 604. He is known in the East as Gregory the Dialogist for his four-volume Dialogues, in which he wrote of the lives and miracles of the saints of Italy and of the after-life. He is also credited with devising the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.

Liturgical Hymns

Troparion (tone 4)
Receiving divine grace from God on high, O glorious Gregory,
And strengthened with its power,
You willed to walk in the path of the Gospel, O most blessed one.
Therefore you have received from Christ the reward of your labors!
Entreat him that he may save our souls!

Kontakion (tone 3)
You showed yourself to be an imitator of Christ, the chief Shepherd,
O Father Gregory,
Guiding the orders of monks to the fold of heaven.
From there you taught the flock of Christ His commandments!
Now you rejoice and dance with them in the mansions of heaven!

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