George the Serbian

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By origin, George (Свети Ђорђе Кратовац) was a Serb from the town of Kratovo. He was a goldsmith by trade and, in his heart and soul, was a convinced and a devout Christian. George was eighteen years old when the Turks tried to convert him to Islam. George remained as firm as a diamond in his faith. The Turks tortured him with many cruel tortures and finally burned him at the stake. He suffered for the beautiful Faith of Christ on February 11, 1515 A.D. in Sofia, Bulgaria, during the reign of Sultan Selim and was glorified with unfading glory in the heavens. Priest of Serbian colony in Sofia, presbyter Peja wrote life of new martyr George from Kratovo. Saint George was glorified in both Serbian and Bulgarina Churches. His feast day is May 26/June8

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