Friends of Orthodoxy on Iona

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==See also==
==See also==
[[Friends of Mount Athos]]
* [[Friends of Mount Athos]]
==External link==
==External link==

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Friends of Orthodoxy on Iona is a an informal group composed mainly of Orthodox Christians (but welcoming Christians of other traditions) dedicated to the memory and celebration of Orthodox Christianity on the Scottish island of Iona, encouraging the veneration of Ionian saints and other saints of the British Isles. Founded in 1997, the 1400th anniversary of the repose of St. Columba of Iona, the group organizes pilgrimages to Iona and other holy sites in the UK and Ireland. One of the long-term goals of the organization is the re-establishment of an Orthodox monastery on Iona.

The group's chairman is Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia, who often leads the pilgrimages, and they have counted among their patrons Metropolitan Anthony (Bloom) of Sourozh until his repose in 2003. The current secretary is Bruce Clark.

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