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His All Holiness and Hieromartyr Cyril IV of Constantinople was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 1813 to 1818. After he had been removed from office, Patr. Cyril IV was martyred by the Ottoman Turks. His feast day is April 18 as well as on the Sunday of St. Thomas.

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Little is known of the early life of Patr. Cyril. He was born in Adrianople about the year 1769. He was Metropolitan of Iconium before his assignment to Adrionople. He was elected Patriarch of Constantinople in 1813 and served until he was removed from office by the Ottoman Turk government in 1818. He was then exiled to Adrianople.

On April 18, 1821, Patr. Cyril was hanged, only nine days after the martyrdom of his successor, Patr. Gregory V who was murdered on April 10, 1821. After his body was taken down, it was thrown into the Ebro (Iberus) River. Divine Providence carried his relics to the river bank near the village of Pythio where Christians found it, and there he was buried.

His tomb was opened on May 11, 1989 at which time his relics were found to give off a fragrance of myrrh. On July 8, 1993, the Holy Synod of Greece added the New Hieromartyr Cyril VI of Constantinople to the list of Saints of the Orthodox Church.

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Cyril IV of Constantinople
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