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language=[[Church Slavonic]]|
language=[[Church Slavonic]]|
music=[[Byzantine Chant]] / Choral|
music=[[Byzantine Chant]] / Choral|
calendar=[[Julian Calendar|Julian]]|
calendar=[[Revised_Julian_Calendar|Revised Julian]]|
population=6,500,000 []|
population=6,500,000 []|
website=[ Church of Bulgaria]
website=[ Church of Bulgaria]

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Patriarchate of Bulgaria
Founder(s) King Boris I
Autocephaly/Autonomy declared 927, 1186, 1872
Autocephaly/Autonomy recognized 927, 1235, 1945 by Constantinople
Current primate Patr. Maxim
Headquarters Sofia, Bulgaria
Primary territory Bulgaria
Possessions abroad N. America, Australia, W. Europe
Liturgical language(s) Church Slavonic
Musical tradition Byzantine Chant / Choral
Calendar Revised Julian
Population estimate 6,500,000 [1]
Official website Church of Bulgaria

The Church of Bulgaria is one of the autocephalous churches of the Orthodox Christian communion whose territory consists of the Republic of Bulgaria. The church is led by the Patriarch of All Bulgaria.

The primate of the Church of Bulgaria has been His Holiness Maxim, Metropolitan of Sofia, Patriarch of All Bulgaria since 1971.



Dioceses in Bulgaria:

  • Diocese of Vidin (Видин
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