Chrysostomos (Triantafyllou) of Chalcis

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*[ Official Website Metropolitan]  In Greek
*[ Official Website Metropolitan]  In Greek
*  Holy Synod]
*[  Holy Synod]
*[[Wikipedia: Church_of_Greece]]
*[[Wikipedia: Church_of_Greece]]

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His Eminence the Most Reverend Chrysostomos (Triantafyllou) of Chalcis is the Metropolitan of the Metropolis of Chalcis, Istiaia, and Sporades under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece.


Constantine Triantafyllou was born in 1957 at Royal Chalkis in Greece. After completing his basic education, Constantine studied at the Ecclesiastical School of Athens Rizario and Theological School of the University of Athens. Entering the Holy Orders, Constantine was ordained, in 1983, a deacon and then a priest by Metr. Chrysostomos (Verga), receiving the name Chrysostomos.

In 1998, Fr. Chrysostomos received a diploma in the specialized field of Worship, Art, and Archaeology from the Theological Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. On December 14, 2001, Fr. Chrysostomos was elected Metropolitan of the Metropolis of Chalcis, Istiaia, and Sporades and consecrated and enthroned on January 12, 2002.

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Chrysostomos (Triantafyllou) of Chalcis
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