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==Parallels in other religious groups==
==Parallels in other religious groups==
* Byzantine Catholic canon law - [ Code of Canons for the Oriental Churches]
* Roman Catholic - [ Catholic Encyclopedia article on Canon Law] (outdated, but informative)
* In Islam, see [[w:Sharia], [[w:Fatwa]], and [[w:Fiqh]]
* In Islam, see [[w:Sharia], [[w:Fatwa]], and [[w:Fiqh]]
* In Judaism, see [[w:Halakha]]
* In Judaism, see [[w:Halakha]]

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Articles and Books on Orthodox Canon Law

  • N. Athanasiev. "The Canons of the Church: Changeable or Unchangeable?" St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly, 11(1967), pp. 54-68.
  • Lewis J. Patsavos. The Canon Law of the Orthodox Catholic Church (Mimeographed Notes). Brookline, Mass.: Holy Cross Bookstore, 1975.
  • Henry R. Percival, Ed. The Seven Ecumenical Councils. "Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers," Second Series, Vol. 14. Grand Rapids, Michigan: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1956.

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Parallels in other religious groups

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