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*[[w:Basil of Ancyra|Basil of Ancyra from Wikipedia]]
*[[w:Basil of Ancyra|Basil of Ancyra from Wikipedia]]
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*[ GOAA: Holy martyr Basil, Presbyter of the Church of Ancyra]

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Basil of Ancyra, was a priest in Ancyra, Galatia during the fourth century.[1] Very meager information about his life is preserved in a metaphrastic work: “Life and Deeds of the Martyred Priest Basil.” He fought against the pagans and the Arians. Basil defended Bishop Marcellus against the prelate being deposed by the Arians. Twice Marcellus was deposed, and succeeded by Basil.

Basil was caught up in the persecution of Julian the Apostate. He was arrested, tortured, and executed on June 29, 362 AD.[2]

The Catholic church commemorates Basil as a martyr on March 22,[1], however, he is commemorated January 1 by the Orthodox Church. [3]


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