Archdiocese of Zimbabwe and Angola

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*[  Official Archdiocese site]
*[  Official Archdiocese site]
[[Category:Orthodoxy in Africa|Zimbabwe]]
[[Category: Dioceses|Zimbabwe]]
[[Category: Dioceses|Zimbabwe]]
[[Category: Alexandria Patriarchate Dioceses|Zimbabwe]]
[[Category: Alexandria Patriarchate Dioceses|Zimbabwe]]

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The Holy Archdiocese of Zimbabwe is a diocese under the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa. Its territory includes the parishes and missions located in the nations of Zimbabwe, Angola, Malawi, and Botswana. Prior to November 1, 2006, Mozambique was also part of the Archdiocese of Zimbabwe. It was created then as a independent diocese.

A missionary center, dedicated to St. Nektarois, is located in the Zimbabwe capital city of Harare. Another mission center, dedicated to St. Augustine, is under development in the city of Bulawayo. Two new churches are under construction dedicated to St. George and to Christ the Savior.

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