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{{April 12}}
{{April 12}}; Saint Julius the Great, Pope of Rome

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St. Basil the Confessor

Hieromartyr Artemon the Presbyter, of Laodicea (284-305); Martyrs Demas and Protion, and those with them, by beheading (285-305); Martyr Sabbas the Goth, at Buzau in Wallachia (372) (see also April 15); Saint Isaac the Syrian (Isaac of Monteluco), Abbot of Spoleto, Italy (c. 550) (see also April 11 - West); Venerable monk-martyrs David, John and Menas, of Palestine, shot by archers (after 636); Venerable Anthusa the Virgin-martyr of Constantinople (809); Venerable Athanasia the Wonderworker (Athanasia of Aegina), Abbess, of Aegina (850) (see also April 18); Saint Basil the Confessor, Bishop of Parium (9th century); Saint Sergius II, Patriarch of Constantinople (1019); Saint Vissia, a virgin-martyr in Fermo near Ancona in Italy under Decius (c. 250); Saint Victor of Braga (São Victor), a catechumen martyred in Braga in Portugal under Diocletian, thus baptised in his own blood (c. 300); Saint Julius I the Great, Pope of Rome, defended St Athanasius against his Arian accusers, and also built many churches (352); Hieromartyr Zeno of Verona, Bishop of Verona (371); Saint Constantine, the first Bishop of Gap in France (529); Saint Wigbert (690); Saint Tetricus, Abbot of St Germanus in Auxerre, then Bishop of Auxerre by popular acclamation, murdered in his sleep (707); Saint Damian of Pavia, Bishop of Pavia in Lombardy in Italy, who vigorously opposed Monothelitism (710); Saint Erkemboden, a monk at Sithin in Saint-Omer in France, later Bishop of Thérouanne (714); Saint Alferius, (Alpherius, Adalfericus), monk, founder of the Monastery of La Cava (1050); Saint Sylvester, Bishop of Pereyaslav and Igumen of Vydubychi Monastery (1123); Saint Basil of Ryazan, Bishop of Ryazan (1295) (see also May 21, June 10, July 3, and July 10); Venerable Acacius of Kapsokalyvia Skete, Mount Athos (1730); New Hieromartyr Demetrius Rozhdestvensky, Protopresbyter of Alma-Ata (1921); New Hieromartyr Sergius (1938); Other Commemorations: Deposition of the Cincture (Sash, Zone, Belt) of the Most Holy Theotokos in Constantinople (942) (see also August 31); Synaxis of the Murom Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos (early 12th century); Venerable Neophytus the Recluse, of Cyprus, Wonderworker (1204) (feast day January 24); Synaxis of the Belinich Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos (1876); Repose of Archbishop Juvenal of Vilnius, Lithuania, monk of Optina Monastery (1904) Proclamation of the autocephaly of the Church of Georgia (1917)

Saint Julius the Great, Pope of Rome
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