Apostle James (son of Alphaeus)

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[[Category:Martyrs|James (son of Alphaeus)]]
[[Category:Martyrs|James (son of Alphaeus)]]
[[Category:Saints|James (son of Alphaeus)]]
[[Category:Saints|James (son of Alphaeus)]]
[[Category: 1st-century saints]]
[[ar:يعقوب بن حلفى]]
[[ar:يعقوب بن حلفى]]
[[el:Απόστολος Ιάκωβος (Αλφαίου)]]
[[ro:Apostolul Iacov (fiul lui Alfeu)]]
[[ro:Apostolul Iacov (fiul lui Alfeu)]]

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Apostle James (Son of Alphaeus)

The Holy Apostle James was the son of Alphaeus and one of the twelve. He was the brother of the holy Evangelist Matthew. The Church commemorates the Apostle James on October 9, and on June 30 with the Synaxis of the Glorious and All-Praiseworthy Twelve Apostles of Christ.

James heard the Lord's words and witnessed his miracles. After the Descent of the Holy Spirit the Apostle James, Alphaeus, and the Apostle Andrew the First-Called (November 30) made missionary journeys throughout Judea, Edessa, Gaza, and Eleutheropolis, proclaiming the Gospel, healing all sorts of sickness and disease, and converting many to the path of salvation. St James finished his apostolic work in the Egyptian city of Ostrachina, where he was crucified by the pagans.


Troparion (Tone 3)

Holy Apostle James,
entreat the merciful God
to grant our souls forgiveness of transgressions.

Kontakion (Tone 2)

Let us bless James, praising him as the messenger of God,
for he filled the souls of the pious with wise dogmas.
Standing at the throne of glory before the Master,
he rejoices with all the angels unceasingly praying for us all.


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