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Antony IV of Constantinople was the Patriarch of Constantinople for two periods in the late fourteenth century, from 1389 to 1390 and from 1391 to 1397. He defended the universality of the authority of both the Eastern Roman Emperor and the Patriarchate of Constantinople.


His early life is unknown. Before his appointment as the Patriarch of Constantinople, Antony was a hieromonk at the Dionysiou Monastery at Mount Athos. He was appointed patriarch in January 1389 and only remained in office until July 1390. After emperor John VII Palaiologos ousted his grandfather, emperor John V Palaiologos, as emperor on April 14, 1390, John VII deposed Antony and replaced him with Macarius who previously had been patriarch from 1376 to 1379.

A few months later, John V was restored to the imperial throne by his son Manuel. Antony then returned as patriarch in early 1391 and served until his repose in May 1397.

During his time as patriarch, Patr. Antony engaged in correspondence with Jagiello, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, urging him, together with the Hungarians and Basil I of Moscow, to mount a crusade against the Turks who were attacking the empire. At the same time he asserted with them the universal spiritual authority of the patriarchate of Constantinople and the universal authority of the Eastern Roman emperors, regardless of the actual diminished state of the empire.

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