Anthimus IV of Constantinople

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His All-Holiness Anthimus IV was the Patriarch of Constantinople for two periods during the mid nineteenth century, from 1840 to 1841 and from 1848 to 1852.

Patr. Anthimus came into office confronted with the political declaration of the autonomy of the Orthodox in the newly independent nation of Greece from the Church of Constantinople that followed its obtaining freedom from the Ottoman empire in 1833. In 1833, the first Greek parliament, sitting in the first capital of Greece in Nauplion, declared the Church of Greece independent from the Ecumenical Patriarch. Upon becoming patriarch, Anthimus, following his predecessors, refused to acknowledge the declaration. However, in 1850, Patr. Anthimus published a Tomos granting a limited self-government of which the Church of Greece took no notice. Later, relations were regularized under which some links with the Church of Constantinople were retained.

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Anthimus IV of Constantinople
Preceded by:
Gregory VI
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Anthimus V
Preceded by:
Anthimus VI
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Germanus IV
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