Aimilianos Lazaridis of Grevena

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His Eminence Aimilianos Lazaridis of Grevena was the Metropolitan of the Metropolis of Grevena during the time of warfare among the ethnic Balkan states at the end of the first decade of the twentieth century. He was metropolitan, under the jurisdiction of the Church of Constantinople, from 1908 to 1911 and a martyr of the internecine fighting of the time. {{stub]]


Aimilianos Lazaridis, also Emilianos, was born in 1877 in Perm, a Turkish speaking Greek village of Konya. A Greek living in the Macedonian area of the Balkans at the turn of the twentieth century, Aimilianos studied in the Theological School of Halki. He was ordained a deacon and served under Metropolitan Joachim Phoropoulos of Pelagonia in Macedonia. Advancing in seniority, he was consecrated Bishop of Petras, auxiliary to the Bishop of Pelagonia. In 1908, he was enthroned as the Metropolitan of Grevena.

On October 14, 1911, Metr. Aimilianos and his deacon Dimitrios Anagnostou were ambushed by members of the Turkish army while traveling between villages and were killed. Their bodies were terribly mutilated. A tradition from that time relates that their bodies were found when a shepherd saw a burning candle in the forest that led a group of villagers to their bodies. The bodies were recovered and laid to rest on October 24, 1911 at the grounds of the Church St. George in Varosi at a funeral officiated by three metropolitans.[1]


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Aimilianos Lazaridis of Grevena
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