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13:24, December 16, 2006Halki.jpg (file)111 KBPistevo (Taken from [ Wikipedia]. Copyright, no rights reserved (see Wikipedia page).)1
06:34, November 4, 2006Elderjosephhesychast.jpg (file)42 KBPistevo (Book cover of Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi's biography of his elder, Elder Joseph the Hesychast. {{fair use}})1
18:44, September 2, 2006Monasteryofstjohn.gif (file)5 KBPistevo (Logo of the St. John of San Francisco Monastery (Manton, California) {{fairuse}} )1
05:17, July 29, 2006Olaf of Norway.jpg (file)25 KBPistevo (Reverted to earlier revision)2
20:07, May 24, 2006Kevin of Glendalough.jpg (file)22 KBPistevo ({{}})1
17:49, May 3, 2006Christopher of Prague.jpg (file)18 KBPistevo (New primate of Czech/Slovakia. {fairuse})1
17:06, April 27, 2006St Irene Chrysovalantou.jpg (file)18 KBPistevo (St Irene Chrysovalantou. *Top-left: A nun is peering out of the upper storey window, seeing the trees bending. *Centre: St Irene is holding three apples, in the posture she used for prayer through almost all of her monastic life. *Centre-Top: An angel wit)3
06:20, April 16, 2006Raisingoflazarus.jpg (file)30 KBPistevo (The Raising of Lazarus. {{thehtm}})1
06:11, April 16, 2006Epitaphios.jpg (file)43 KBPistevo (Epitaphios. Depicts the entombment of Christ. {{}})1
06:04, April 16, 2006Crucifixion.jpg (file)46 KBPistevo ({{}})1
00:58, April 14, 2006Extremehumility.jpg (file)19 KBPistevo ({{htm}})1
17:13, April 13, 2006Pantanassaicon.jpg (file)68 KBPistevo (Icon of the Holy Mother of God Pantanassa. Used as promotional image on brochure to advertise the existence of the Monastery of Pantanassa, Mangrove Mountain, NSW, and to ask for donations.)1
01:50, April 5, 2006Sagotclogo.jpg (file)3 KBPistevo ({{fairuse}} Category:Logos)1
01:30, April 5, 2006Standrewspress.jpg (file)64 KBPistevo ({{fairuse}} Category:Logos)1
05:33, March 13, 2006Logo of Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.jpg (file)9 KBPistevo (The logo of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia. From:, 13/Mar/06. {{fairuse}})1
05:22, March 13, 2006Estia Foundation Logo.jpg (file)52 KBPistevo (Logo of the Estia Foundation of Australia. From:, 13/Mar/06. {{fairuse}})1
01:25, March 13, 2006Logo of Pantanassa Monastery.jpg (file)10 KBPistevo (A logo of the Greek Orthodox Monastery of the Mother of God "Pantanassa". From:, 13/Mar/06. {{fairuse}} )1
01:20, March 13, 2006Stylianos (Harkianakis).gif (file)41 KBPistevo (His Eminence Stylianos (Harkianakis), Archbishop of Australia and Exarch of Oceania. From:, 13/Mar/06. {{fairuse}})1

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